SANCO launches new membership system

SANCO has launched a new membership system allowing members to join and manage their membership details using their cell phone.

SImply SMS your ID number to 42334. R30 membership fee will be deducted from your air time balance. Then follow the instructions that will be sent to you.

Important:  For later updating of your details once you have a membership number always DIAL *120*72626# 


SANCO adopts a new Constitution

The new Constitution was signed on 31 October 2015.

View the new Constitution.

SANCO has a new National Office

After a period without a National Office, SANCO is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Johannesburg.

Situated at 55 Empire Empire Road in Parktown, the new offices provide a permanent home for SANCO. This will enable the provision of better services to our members.

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PRESS STATEMENT: Unity and Cohesion of SANCO

Re: Unity and Cohesion of SANCO

  1. This serves to advise that based on the mandate given to the National leadership by the 2008 National Conference in Durban, the 2014 National Conference in Umtata and the 2014 National General Council, to unite the organization and ensure Unity and Cohesion of SANCO at all times, the Leadership has engaged members of SANCO who were aggrieved by the outcome of the 5th National Conference and as a result took the organisation to court. One such engagement was held in Cape Town on April 29, 2015.
  2. This engagement resolved amongst other things that all the members who were suspended and or expelled from SANCO as a direct result of the disagreement emanating from this conference, such suspension and or expulsion is to be lifted by SANCO once each member write a letter and or approach the leadership of SANCO and rededicate himself/herself to abide by the constitution, norms and values as well as the policies and undertake to embrace the decisions of the National General Council and National Executive Committee and work as a loyal and disciplined member of SANCO.
  3. All members to embark on a program to rebuild and strengthen the structures of SANCO under the leadership of the NEC.
  4. The structures of SANCO to be encouraged to embrace the principle of unity and cohesion within the broader political consideration of achieving a National Democratic Revolution (NDR). In this regard SANCO to address all disputes in accordance with its Constitution and the policies of the organisation.
  5. The National Executive of SANCO to favourably consider letters from the individual members or express interest of members to be part of the organisation in accordance with the NGC resolution to unite members of the organisation and to co-opt others to NEC, NWC, Sub Committees and other structures of SANCO.


Issued by SANCO

Download the Press Release

National General Council Bulletin

Bulletin of the National General Council held 13-15 December 2014.

Download the full document (1.5MB)

National Working Committee elected

SANCO National Office Bearers elected on 17-19th January 2014 at Mtata.
  1. President: Richard Mdakane
  2. Deputy President: Mathabo Leeto
  3. Chairperson: David Mkhwanazi
  4. General Secretary: Skhumbuzo Mpanza
  5. Deputy Secretary: Robbie Tsikwe
  6. National Treasurer: Roy Moodley
  7. National Organiser: Sam Nkosi


The following members were elected to the National Working Committee:

  1. SPD Skosana
  2. Sindisiwe Xulu
  3. Cobra Jiyane
  4. Gilbert Mosena
  5. Sizwe Mbalo
  6. Nozililo Mashiya
  7. Lucas Qakaza
  8. Nkele Ntingane
  9. Poppy Magongwa
  10. Motlalepula Rosho
  11. Sthenjwa Nyawose
  12. Maniza Mthembu
  13. Zanele Hlatshwayo
  14. Lulamile Nazo


View the complete National Executive Committee


SMS your ID Number to 42334
Cost is R30

Then follow the instructions


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1 July 2015
Opening of new National Office

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